Design Collab + Rocco Revolution – Flagship Range


The fusion of Rocco Revolution [RR] and Design Collab [DC] combines the pool of talents from Kristin Stojcevski (Director + Designer of RR) Angela Callipari (Founder + Designer of DC) and Ile Kostovski (Project Manager + Industrial Designer of DC) to create a collaborative team that encompasses all aspects of the design to creation journey.

– Kristin’s knowledge, understanding and experience in dealing with client expectations, desires and needs; coupled together with her insights on how to detail or finish a piece of furniture adds that final touch in creating bespoke pieces.

– Angela’s experience and exposure to the joinery industry over the years was catalyst for her passion for creating bespoke pieces and ultimately lead to the inspiration of the DC range which has seen her vision of the brand and it’s mission of using left over material to create inspiring pieces of furniture.

– Ile has skill set for the production aspect of joinery manufacturing in conjunction with his Industrial Design heritage go hand in hand with his eye for design. This partnerships has helped create a range that is both ascetically pleasing with a high level of detailed finishes that can be manufactured in resourceful way by utilising create manufacturing methods.

It was the collaborative efforts and talents of this trio that inspired, created and launched the first range of bespoke joinery pieces for the Design Collab brand which includes a flagship 8 piece range.

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