About Design Collab


Design Collab [DC] was founded on the principles of creating unique and inspiring bespoke pieces of joinery whilst being conscious of the footprint we leave behind in doing so. The inception of DC stemmed from the desire to design and create Australian made products of a high quality using primarily reclaimed and otherwise discarded off cuts produced by DC’s sister company; Glavcom.

Glavcom; an Australian leader in quality custom made joinery ranging from multistorey residential apartments to one of domestic projects for the private sector, operates out of a purpose built factory in Sydney’s South West utilising European automated machinery to create high quality joinery.

However, even with the aid of automation and the latest manufacturing software there is always some form of raw material remaining once a project is completed. It is this material that DC’s true vision of innovation is realised as DC takes these materials and up-cycles them to create the Design Collab range of bespoke pieces that stand out from the norm.

“Each design has a unique feature that makes the range stand out from the typical furniture available out there. The range we have created with the ability to offer our clients the option to make personal touches, makes the pieces truly a custom joinery piece made especially for your home that reflects your own styling” – Angela Callipari. (Founder/Director of Design Collab)


Angela Callipari

Angela is the founder of Design Collab [DC] and the driving force and inspiration behind DC’s approach to the ‘up-cycle’ movement. As a key contributor to the DC brand and range; Angela’s connection to the interior joinery industry stems back over a decade to the origin of it’s sister company Glavcom. Having worked with, around and even in Glavcom as Marketing Manager; she saw an opportunity to explore and develop a niche market within the larger picture. As a working mother to three, Angela knows only too well the importance of making the most of what you have and being mindful of waste; she seized the opportunity to assist Glavcom with an ever growing concern regarding their inherent ‘off-cut’ production and the impact this has on both their clients and the environment whilst having the creative freedom to design a custom range of furniture.

The taste for Angela’s appreciation of interior designing was truly fed during her time spent at Glavcom. Seeing Glavcom working on many iconic buildings featured in Sydney’s skyline including the One Central Development in Chippendale; across town to the Mirvac Harold Park development in Glebe and back around to the residential towers located at Barangaroo; Angela wanted to create joinery that left a lasting impression on all who saw it.

“From the initial tendering process and client briefing stage, I would see the Glavcom design team working on display boards, drawing conceptual sketches and producing shop drawings of these iconic building’s interior joinery; and then seeing the final products; Wow… The level of intricacy that is involved on even the simplest of pieces and the level of detail in it’s creation; I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to utilise these talents and skills and apply them to creating unique, tailored made pieces of furniture that your friends and family would look at and ask ‘where did you get that from’ instead of your run-of-the-mill furniture that everyone has. It was inspiring and definitely got me excited about the idea that anything is possible.”


Ile Kostovski

With a degree and background in Industrial Design; Ile has been instrumental in the development of the DC range. Ile’s experience within the industry stems from his studies in Industrial Design at UNSW coupled together with his knowledge of the production aspects of joinery. With an extensive knowledge base in software programmes from AutoCAD, Revit, Solid Works, SWood and Photoshop; he’s ability to transform conceptual ideas into tangible pieces of joinery has been pivotal in the formation of the DC range.

As the lead designer and project manager for the manufacturing arm of DC; Ile is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the production process. From procurement of materials, production timing and QA procedures. In this role Ile works closely with DC’s designers, collaborators and clients to ensure the vision for DC is maintained and delivered with both quality and attention to detail being paramount. Ile is passionate about design and is excited to be working on the DC range.

“I am passionate about all genres of design and excited to be able to touch every aspect of the DC range. From design to delivery; there are limitless possibilities to offer the industry unique designs that stem from humble beginnings. By ‘up-cycling’ the off-cuts of our sister company Glavcom, I get a real sense of self-satisfaction knowing that I helped transform what others would typically discard, into one a of-a-kind piece of furniture. Being able to see what others don’t is part of the inspiration behind the DC brand and its range. Design can be appreciated on a variety of levels. From form and function; innovation and sustainability, to comfort, aesthetics and being able to inspire others; the DC brand and range I believe evoke these principals and makes me excited about the infinite design possibilities yet to be created and I am looking forward to seeing this possibilities become reality”.



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